Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hello Again! with Persimmons


Hello again! I’ve been away from my easel working with my husband in our print shop, Spikes Printing, in downtown Pensacola, FL. About two years ago, we merged 2 print shops into 1, and it’s been quite an undertaking. We recently launched Spikes Printing’s first website to showcase our capabilities and highlight our letterpress work. Letterpress is the direction we’re slowly taking the existing business. Our building has housed print shops for something like 60 years, and we’re  bringing it into the modern age. Check us out if your interested.

I’ve also been away taking care of my husband who nearly died about a year ago and had to have emergency open heart surgery in Gainesville, FL. This wasn’t his first procedure. He was born with leaky heart valves, and we didn’t recognize the symptoms leading up to his third surgery as serious until it was an extreme emergency. It’s genuinely miraculous that he is still alive and completely back to normal. I count myself tremendously blessed everyday that he is still among the living!

So, I’ve been VERY busy and longing to get back to my easel. Please, enjoy with me this painting from life of some persimmons from the tree I planted in my yard 8 years ago. Orange is my favorite color; for me it’s the color of happiness because I associate it with sunlight, warmth, and citrus. And citrus has a very upbeat fragrance...(I could just keep going. LOL!)...So, it was very fun to paint those happy orange tones, and looking at the results never fails to brighten my mood.

I’m very happy to be back at my easel, again; and I hope to continue sharing art with you on a much more regular basis!

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