Sunday, March 23, 2014

Garlic sur la Viollette

Garlic sur la Violette

I’m experimenting with a fun, new background color for my fruit and veg still lives from life-orchid! It’s not a color everyone will appreciate in their kitchen; it’s a trifle romantic really. But in addition to painting, I am also an avid cook, and garlic has a very special place in my cuisine and heart! So, I give you Garlic sur la Violette!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

California Dream House

California Dream House

In this lovely composition leading to the Pacific Ocean only the background is lit in sunset light; so the challenge of this work was bringing out the lights and darks as the focal points (the door and succulents) are in shadow. My solution for this challenge was to fill the shadows with imaginative color and pay very close attention to subtle gradations. Exaggerating color temperature changes also helped to add interest. For example, I painted the cast shadows of the planter and mail box cool blues and purples against the warm peach of the plaster walls. Exaggerating the complements orange and blue in the reflections of the door and the bright red of the door frame all helped the focal point to stand out. These elements all contributed to the success of the piece.